The Malkies, Suited and Booted Download

The Malkies, Suited and Booted Download


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Album Information: Includes all tracks listed below, 49.6 MB size, 44100 Hz sample rate, MP3 format,
Artwork Information: 800 x 800 pixels.


Featuring Hugh Whitaker (drums, percussion, backing vocals), Rachel Goodwin (vocals), Alistair Hulett (vocals, guitar), Hugh Bradley (bass, backing vocals), Gavin Livingstone (backing vocals) and Phil Snell (mandolin, fiddle, lap steel, guitar).

Cover Notes: Thanks to Rach for her wonderful harmony singing on tracks 2,3,5,6,9 and 12. Truly delightful! Thanks as well to Oor Gavin for not only providing excellent backing vocals on tracks 4 and 11 but also for recording them himself in his studio at Buccleuch Street, Glasgow.

Suited and Booted was recorded and mixed by Phil Snell at Limbo Creatives, Otley, West Yorkshire during the winter of 2007 and spring of 2008.

Track 9, ‘Pastures of Plenty’ as performed by The Malkies

Track 12, ‘The Internationale’ as performed by The Malkies

Track Listing:

  1. Buy Us a Drink
  2. Out in the Danger Zone
  3. High Germany
  4. Playing for the Traffic
  5. Quite Early Morning
  6. Are there Honky Tonks in Heaven?
  7. The Wife of Ushers Well
  8. The Road to Dundee
  9. Pastures of Plenty
  10. The Overgate
  11. The Day That the Boys Came Down
  12. The Internationale

Visit the Malkies website at for downloadable song lyrics, guitar chords and background notes.


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