The Alistair Hulett Memorial Fund is proud to launch it’s ‘First CD Grant Program’ which offers small grants to assist musicians whose work has a social justice focus. The first round of awards begins in 2012. Terms and conditions are below, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us using the form provided below.

Aims: The aim of this program is to assist with the production of a first album (normally a CD) by a musician or musicians who have already written and performed but have not yet been able to publish and distribute their work. The awards are open to performers of all musical genres and cultural origins, however the music should have a significant social justice content. The music may, for example, promote equality, justice and diversity through music, it may include multi-cultural music, focus on indigenous people, asylum seekers and refugees, disabled people and the homeless or help promote other egalitarian values, consistent with the legacy of Alistair Hulett.

Awards: The AHMF, on reviewing applications, will award one or more grants of between $3,000 and $5,000 each per year, to successful applicants. It is expected that these funds will go towards the publication and distribution of the indicated musical work, normally including the production of a CD. If this CD is commercially successful, we ask that you consider a voluntary donation to the AHMF, to help other musicians.

Criteria & Process: 
Applications will be assessed by reference to their artistic quality and potential, and in relation to the values set out in the aims above. The AHMF will decide on applications after consideration by a panel which will include AHMF members and artistic advisers. Decisions of the AHMF are final. A short acquittal of the funds (accounts) will be required of each successful applicant, after their work is produced.

Applications: Each application should include:

  1. A letter of up to three pages, explaining how the proposed work meets the program criteria
  2. Recorded samples (on CD or DVD) of up to three songs or performances.

Applications will be received between May 1st (the opening date) and June 30th (the closing date) of each year. Decisions will be announced in August. 

Interested persons should send applications to:

The Alistair Hulett Memorial Fund
 PO Box 109, Glebe, NSW 2037

For more information or questions please contact us using this form provided.