The Origins of the Song Book

Alistair described the origins of the Songbook page as follows.

The idea for an online songbook, with lyrics and chords, occurred to me when I got word of a Roaring Jack fans’ reunion and sing-around in Sydney to mark the 20th anniversary of the band’s first night at the legendary but ‘sadly gentrified’ Sandringham Hotel in Newtown NSW.

We will expand the Songbook with more content as time allows.

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Lyrics, Chords and Playing Tips

Among Proddy Dogs and Papes
Download PDF

Dark Eyed Sailor
Download PDF

Destitution Road
Download PDF

The Day that the Boys Came Down
Download PDF

Don’t Sign Up For War
Download PDF

Everyone I Know
Download PDF

The Fair Flower of Northumberland
Download PDF

Farewell to Whiskey
Download PDF

Harold’s Best Men
Download PDF

He Fades Away
Download PDF

In the Days of Forty Nine
Download PDF

Lads of the BLF
Download PDF

The Merchant’s Son
Download PDF

No Half Measures
Download PDF

Playing for the Traffic
Download PDF

Riches and Rags
Download PDF

The Siege of Union Street
Download PDF

The Swaggies Have All Waltzed Matilda
Download PDF

The Tinker in the Lum
Download PDF

Ways of a Rover
Download PDF

Wild Rover Again
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Concert Playlists

Part One

  1. Lagan Love (Niamh)/Lads Of Alnwick (3/2 hornpipe, Nancy and James)/Mary Mac (Ally)/guitar jig (Graham)
  2. Boys Of Barr na Sraide – Niamh lead and ensemble
  3. Geordie (Trad) – Ally with Nancy and James
  4. Don’t Sign Up For War (Hulett) – Ally
  5. Bonny Woodside/The American Stranger (trad, English) – Nancy and James
  6. Meggie’s Foot/Coates Hall (trad/Billy Pigg) – Nancy and James
  7. Fear A Bhata – Niamh and Graham
  8. Alexander – Niamh and Graham
  9. The Banks Of The Condamine (trad, Australian) – James and Nancy
  10. Reconciliation (Ron Cavanaugh) – Ensemble

Part Two

  1. The Tinker In The Lum (trad, Scottish) – Ally with Nancy and James
  2. Gathering Rushes (trad, English) – Nancy unaccompanied
  3. (I’m) Done With Bonaparte (Mark Knopfler) – Niamh and Graham
  4. The South West Wind/Petticoat Loose (trad, Irish Jigs) – Graham on guitar accompanied by James on bouzouki
  5. Blue Murder (Hulett) – Ally with acappella ensemble
  6. He Fades Away (Hulett) – Niamh lead accompanied by ensemble
  7. Anderson’s Coast (John Warner) – James with ensemble
  8. The Ways Of A Rover (Hulett) – Ally with ensemble
  9. Dance To Your Daddy (trad) – Nancy and James joined by ensemble


  1. So Here’s To You (Alan Bell) – Niamh and ensemble

Set List courtesy of James Fagan

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