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United We Will Swim … Again

United We Will Swim ...Again, a film, celebrating Govanhill Baths, directed by the Oscar nominated Fran Higson is previewing at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, showing at 16:00 on June 20th at Cineworld; for more information see their FaceBook Page. The film will also be shown at an event in Oxford on July 10th; Peggy Seeger, who has been closely involved in the activism to save Temple Cowley Baths will [...]

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2015 Songs for Social Justice Award

The Songs for Social Justice Award for 2015 is now open, with a closing date of 31st October 2015. The competition is open to songwriters and musicians from across the UK and will focus on songs promoting equality and social justice. The AHMT has again appointed a select panel of judges from among experienced songwriters and singers and the Trustees will decide the award based on the panel’s advice. Entries should [...]

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Peggy Seeger Concerts in Scotland

Just a reminder that as part of her 80th Birthday Tour, Peggy will be doing concerts later this month in Scotland, as follows: Friday 26th June Tollbooth, Stirling Saturday 27th June Oran Mor, Glasgow Sunday 28th June Lemon Tree, Aberdeen Peggy, the Patron of the Alistair Hulett Memorial Trust is accompanied in concert by her sons Neill and Calum. Full details of this absolutely not to be missed tour can [...]

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Penny Stone and the Washington Post

Penny Stone from Edinburgh, winner of the 2012 AHMT Songs for Social Justice Award, singer, songwriter, activist, and campaigner for social justice, has appeared in a photograph on the front of The Washington Post on Wednesday 15th April, 2015! Penny is shown leading the singing at an anti-nuclear protest at Faslane submarine base.

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May Day at The Steamie

1 May at 19:00–22:00 An evening of music and spoken word to celebrate International Workers' Day in The Steamie, Govanhill Baths. With Viv Gee, Lorna McKinnon, "The Matchgirls", Colin Poole, Tickle, and The Unite! Fight! Sing! Choir. Sponsored by the Alistair Hulett Memorial Trust

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New Alan Dickson CD

AHMT grant recipient Alan Dickson has released a CD "This Land is Your Land", showcasing some of the songs from his ongoing "Strains of Eden : Scotland's Land : Songs of Discontent" project, a musical journey that charts the landscape of 18th and 19th century Scotland, from the Lowland and Highland Clearances, the Chartists, through to agitation for land in the Highlands. Find out more from A digital copy [...]

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